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30 Day Challenge - Day 03 & 04

Day 03 - My views on drugs and alcohol.

The thing is, I'm a social drinker and most of the time I am happy to nurse one really light drink all through the evening.  Once in a while though it's nice to get well and truly sloshed and even then I make sure that every second glass is a glass of water and there is something salty to munch. While the buzz of alcohol is awesome, I also do not like the aftermath. Throwing up and hangovers dont seem fun at all to me. Especially since I tend to feel like vomiting if I see someone else vomit. -_-  Drinking responsibly if I do drink is my thing and I feel like should be everyone's thing but hey, that's just me. This makes me sound really priggish but honestly enough, not everyone ha great tolerance, certainly I dont and I hate the after effect so yeah, I take care

Drugs I have much stronger view on. DONT DO THEM. I SWEAR, JUST DONT EVER. I realise the thrill and temptation is enormous but man, only bad things lie that way. They fuck shit up so badly, you dont come out of them a better cooler person. Just a shivery,shaky shadow of your former self.

Day 04 - My views on religion.

To each their own. Do not tell me how I should pray or to whom I should pray it. My relationship with God is none of your damn business. I am not going to shove my feelings down your throat and I certainly expect the same courtesy too. It would also be awesome if people could stop declaring that God frowns down upon homosexuality, approves of classism, thinks women shouldnt be allowed to participate in all rituals etc etc. Because according to all religions, God is good and God is kind and he loves all of us the same cause he made us. Heaven and hell are deeds of our own making and it dosent matter if you dont believe. If you are a good person and continue to be one, that is all the world needs and I will definitely appreciate you more than someone who claims to be pure and holy but cant even find enough compassion to fit a thimble.
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